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Hi guys, wow.. it’s been a very long time since I last updated. Haha, I must laugh at myself for saying and thinking that I would be updating a lot more often in that last entry, because that obviously did not happen! It’s actually been five months now since the last time I even blogged here. Pretty bad, I must say. I’ve been online, on Twitter and Facebook, quite regularly.. just haven’t remembered to log in here and blog, unfortunately. Sad, I know. I do not want to waste this space on the net, this domain, etc. I am currently coming up with ideas for this website. Blogging isn’t working as well, I was thinking of turning it into a photography platform for my work, a lot of it has been displayed on Deviant Art at some stage. But I was thinking of creating a little mini blog along with some photography, so that it’s easier to update. Hmm. I will have to ponder these ideas and come up with something soon. I’ll go and think about it. I’m currently making a post-it note that reads ‘Blog More Regularly on So Fresh!’ and it’s about to be sat next to my keyboard. I will now never forget to blog here! I just upgraded this WordPress version too, so everything is up-to-date and ready to go… anyhow, until I turn this area into a photography portfolio, I’ll keep blogging about my life’s happenings.

I recently went on a holiday with my boyfriend, and we did some pretty cool things! Skydiving, for one! It was amazing to see. My bf made a dvd of his, I loved watching it over and over. We also planned to go deep sea fishing but due to a large group cancelling for the vessel we were also booked to go on, they completely cancelled the trip and we’re now waiting to go another time. Overall, our holiday was terrific and we got to see Nickelback perform in concert. I love their songs, always have, also may I mention that Nickelback are the most engaging performers with their audiences.. they interact with them throughout the entire show! I thought that was amazing. I’ll mention more about our holiday in the next entry posting. I might also mention that I’ve been really getting into the tv show Teen Mom, the first series, I love it! I am addicted, haha. I really like Maci but I feel sorry for Farrah, despite being a little irrational sometimes, she is doing it very hard.

Well till next time guys, I will be off to sleep now as I have to work tomorrow morning, very early too. Yuck. It’s the weekend, even. LOL. To everyone reading this, have a very delightful Christmas, all the best wishes to you for the New Year, let’s celebrate the arrival of 2013!


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Yay! I hope you all like the new layout as much as me. I’m very happy with it. I feel more compelled to update now, lol. It’s weird how that happens, but it’s true. I know I had been slack on updating but that is changing as of now. Promise. Let me update you all on what has been going on in my world lately..

The new car that I bought a few months ago is currently at the mechanics getting fixed. Upon driving the new car home, the coolant light started flashing on and off, so I knew that we couldn’t drive it any further.. so I got it towed the rest of the way. That totally sucked because it meant it would be very expensive. But it was very crucial, so it had to be done. When I got it home, I rang around to organise a mechanic who specialises in radiators, to look at it. They found that it needed a new water pump & a new timing belt. Hopefully I will get it back tomorrow, with not much else needing done to it.

I also just came back to work after being away for a week and a half. It was awesome. I really did not want to come back. Nobody really does after a holiday, haha. My bf & I went away on the weekend and checked out the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, it was amazing! I recommend anyone wanting to go there, to do it, because it’s a lot more than just wax figures of celebrities. You can see, do and buy all sorts of things there. Fun things. I did a bit of shopping myself there, it was good. I wish I had a lot longer on holiday but ah well, no rest for the wicked, they say. I just need my car back, get it registered again and then be able to start driving it again more and more.

Love Jaz xXx.

ThanksRae, Shannon


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Great news guys, I am putting a brand new theme/layout up here very soon! Can’t wait! I think it will also highly motivate myself to post more frequently. So look out for it here shortly. :)

Love Jaz xXx.


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I have not forgotten about this little spot on the internet, I want to get a new theme happening here and completely change the entire layout. Something summery, fresh, happy & fun! Wow, so much has happened since last time I updated. Ha ha, I know I always say that but it’s true. Sorry for the lack of entries, I know I am busier these days with a full-time job and a full-time relationship, but I promise to try & blog some more than I do at the moment. I am hoping that when the site has a new layout, it’ll inspire me to blog entries a whole lot more! My boyfriend and I have been so busy! Last weekend we were in Sydney and went shopping! I got two new UK-style fashion jackets and I’m so looking forward to wearing them soon! I’ll post a photo of them up soon.

We also managed to watch the new Men In Black 3 movie.. it was one of the best, it had the most depth in the storyline, I thought. I really enjoyed it. I wondered how much action it would have in it and it proved once again to be an awesome comedy-action filled movie. I am glad they made another one, we all loved the first two. Another funny one was The Dictator, this time Sacha Baron Cohen’s humour was much more fulfilled, not just silly stuff. Like the past films he did. This one is a lot better, had more of a storyline to it and more relativeness. We both saw it and enjoyed it as well. In other news; I am currently on holidays and absolutely loving it! I really don’t want to go back, ha ha. Relaxing is just so good. Not having to get up to be somewhere else on demand is really nice. I watched the football last night, it was the State of Origin and the BLUES WON! Yay! This weekend is looking good too, my boyfriend and I are off away again for a road trip and we’ll get to attend a football match as well, a game of our favourite footy teams! We can’t wait! We’ll also be able to check out Madame Tussauds, I literally have always wanted to go to one of those wax museums and check out the models of celebrities.

Don’t worry, I’ll definitely have photo’s from it! I plan to post them in my next entry. I am LOVING these holidays that I am on, I wish I had more days off too. I have to sell my car and get the other new one fixed, so I have been very busy still. Just paying bills, seems to be all I do, ha ha. Well till next time everybody, have a good and happy week ahead, I am looking forward to this weekend! Only one day to go! Take care, Love Jaz xXx.

Love Jaz xXx.